Welcome to The Bluewater Farm Tour

The Bluewater Farm Tour is  a self-guided driving tour of the farm direct stores located within Bluewater!

Four Photos of Pears, Sheep, Blueberries and Fields

You may already be familiar with Bluewater.  You know it as the beautiful rolling fields and farms that you drive through on your way to the Historic Village of Bayfield.  Bluewater is the region that Bayfield calls home and it’s also the place where we locals live, work and grow!

We would like to invite you to take a break from the lake and explore our beautiful countryside.  It’s off the beaten path, and sometimes it’s even down a dirt road,  but what you’ll find at the end of those laneways is small town hospitality and charm!  Our simple country stores have so much to offer.  You’ll find apiaries & vegetable stands, fresh home baked goods & preserves, savoury meats & cheeses and so much more!

And the best part?  Every flavour you savour was grown or prepared only a few steps from where it’s sold!  Fresh never tasted this good!

So grab your cooler and hit the road!  You’ll want to stock up and bring all the flavours of Bluewater home!